Reliable Personal Finance Advice Is Hard To Come By

If you've gone looking for personal finance advice before, you've probably been disappointed. Your options were likely limited to a few different commissioned or bank-employed advisors, all eager to sell you investments and earn a commission, but not too eager to teach you how to make the best financial decisions for you and your family.

You probably had to take time off from work to fit into a nine to five schedule, and I bet you came away from the meeting with a new investment or two, but no real understanding of how your money works and how to make it work better.

I understand why you might be reluctant to speak to a professional financial planner again.

Here's the problem: you still need to deal with your finances, and - unless you have sufficient time and interest to become an expert in your own right - you need someone to point you in the right direction, show you where you could be doing better, and decode the financial noise that's blaring at you from every newscast, blog, and personal finance column out there.

What's holding you back from having the life you want?

Unless you are thoroughly familiar with your income, spending habits, net worth, debt elimination and avoidance plan, and investment strategy, it will only be by the sheerest luck that you reach your financial goals, whatever they are.

The only way to build lasting wealth (and remember, "wealth" is "the ability to choose the lifestyle you want") is to consciously and intelligently take control of all aspects of your finances.

As a fee only advisor,
I help you understand exactly what you want your money to do for you,
and then figure out the simplest, smartest way to do it.

How do you know you can rely on my advice? Because you're the only person paying me. My advice is based on my years of experience at one of Canada's top five banks, not on trying to earn a commission by selling you an overpriced mutual fund.

I don't manage your money for you; I teach you how to manage it yourself.

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